Toasted Seeds


This is an English dish.

Healthy, toasty flavoured seeds to sprinkle on salads or nibble as a light snack.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: plants and fungi.


30 ml
pumpkin seeds
30 ml
sunflower seeds
15 ml
hemp seeds
15 ml
15 ml
alfalfa seeds
15 ml
sesame seeds
30 ml
pine nuts
10 ml
soy sauce



Measure the seeds (but not the pine nuts) into a non-stick pan and heat over a medium flame until the seeds begin to pop.

Add the pine nuts and just as the other seeds begin to "jump", remove the seeds from the heat and transfer them to a dish.

Add the soy sauce, and stir as the sauce evaporates.

To serve

Allow to cool before use.

Sprinkle on salads for a little healthy crunchiness, and a toasty flavour.


Add in a variety of other seeds (caraway, onion, poppy seeds, . .) for a change of flavour.

Mix and match on the seeds according to what is available.

Increase the quantity of soy sauce for a stronger flavour.