Toasted Banana Sandwich


Introduced in the UK many years ago by Marlene Hodder (née Church) of "Utopia", Central Australia.

For further Australian recipes, please go to: OZ.

Serves 1.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: dairy and honey; plants and fungi.


2 ripe
2 large
slices wholemeal bread
butter or margarine


Butter the bread and slice the bananas lengthways.

Make the sandwich as per usual, trim off and dispose of any bits of banana sticking out of the sides of the bread slices. (Students automatically know how to dispose of surplus pieces of banana).

Now for the tricky part:

Toast the sandwich on one side but not too close to the grill because you want the sandwich to warm through properly and the butter to melt a little.

When the first side is done, turn the sandwich over and toast the other side. Be careful because the bananas are now slippery customers and want to visit the grill pan / table / floor / etc.

When the second side is toasted well, slide the sandwich onto a plate.

To serve

Eat whilst still hot.