Sunflower Fruit Salad


A delicious fruity salad for those hot (English (?)) summer Sunday afternoons.

Quantities are for 4 generous portions.

Add more fruit to make a party dish.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: dairy and honey; plants and fungi.


75 g
either FAIRTRADE roasted cashew nuts or roasted peanuts
125 g
sunflower seeds, roasted or uncooked
medium FAIRTRADE apple, cored and sliced
FAIRTRADE banana sliced
FAIRTRADE orange in sections
fresh peach sliced
125 g
FAIRTRADE seedless grapes
50 g
FAIRTRADE sultanas
25 g
shredded FAIRTRADE coconut
30 ml
250 ml
FAIRTRADE white wine or apple juice
juice of half of a FAIRTRADE lemon
Fresh mint to garnish



If necessary roast the nuts and seeds by spreading them out on a clean baking tray and baking in the oven at gas mark 3 (165 °C; 325 °F) for 30 minutes or until browned.

Marinate the sultanas in the wine or juice whilst the seeds are browning and the fruit is being prepared.

Prepare the fruit, trimming off bruises, removing seeds, etc.


Put the prepared fruit in a mixing bowl (can be the serving bowl), and pour in the marinade juices and fruit. Turn gently.

Once the seeds are browned, add to the mixture.

Chill for minimum 30 minutes in the fridge.


Serve with cream or ice cream, or dollops of Greek style yoghurt.


Use fruit as available in the season.

For extra aroma and bite add 25 ml FAIRTRADErum to the juices.


This is a simple dish, but attention to details makes a big difference.

Use the freshest fruit that you can afford.

Try to get as much pith off the oranges and core out of the apples or pears as time permits.

Fruit with skin (grapes, orange segments, etc.), should be sliced to release the natural juices.