Rainbow Salad


Country of origin: England

A brightly coloured, fresh, crunchy salad for a picnic or party.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: plants and fungi.


yellow capsicum
red capsicum
100 g dry weight
Suma FAIRTRADE black beans
100 g dry weight
Suma FAIRTRADE aduki beans
120 g
frozen peas
120 g
frozen sweetcorn
2 bunches
spring onions
30 ml
Zaytoun Palestinian FAIRTRADE olive oil
1 small
green chilli pepper



Soak the beans (separately) overnight in plenty of cold water.

Juice the lemon. Mix in the oil, salt and papper to taste. Put to one side.

De-frost the peas and corn by covering them with warm water in a bowl. Once unfrozen, drain well.

De-pith the capsicum and chop into pea sized pieces.

Top and tail, and skin the spring onions and then chop into pea sized roundlets. Trim, de-seep and chop the chili pepper very finely .


Cook the beans in the normal way and discard the cooking liquids. Allow to cool.


Mix the beans and peas and sweetcorn in a mixing bowl.

Add the capsicums, spring onion and chili and turn.

Pour in the lemony oil and turn.

Chill for 1 hour.

To serve

Turn into a serving bowl and serve with "doorsteps" of wholemeal bread.


Finely chopped celery can be included.

5 ml chili powder can be used if no fresh chili is available.

Omit the lemony oil dressing, especially if you want the rainbow salad to last more than one meal. An alternative dressing such as Zingy Dressing can be served separately.