Pork Steaklets


Simple but tasty winter food.

This is an English dish.

This worked well for us with jacket potatoes, peas and sweetcorn.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: meat and poultry.


small pork steak per person



Make the sauce. Wash the meat and lay on a lightly oiled shallow casserole dish.

Pour the sauce over the meat.


Cook in the oven viz:

If cooking with jacket potatoes, prepare the potatoes in the ususal way and cook these in the top of the oven. At the same time, cook the steaks in the middle of the oven.

If not cooking with jacket potatoes, then cook at the top of the oven at gas mark 4 (180 °C; 350 °F) for 1 hour approx.

Check the meat for tenderness before serving.

To serve

Serve hot