Perfect Poached Eggs


Eggs poached to perfection are a rare treat, and never available in hotels !

You need an egg poacher for this very English dish.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: eggs; dairy and honey; plants and fungi.


fresh medium free range organic eggs
slices of wholemeal bread
margarine or butter
FAIRTRADE freshly ground black pepper


Fill the poacher about half full with water, boil, and turn to medium heat.

Whilst the water is heating, run a dob of margarine around each of the poacher pockets, carefully crack open an egg so as not to break the yolk, and pour the egg into the poacher pocket.

When the four pockets are ready place them in the poacher ring and place the ring over the water. The water should steam through without boiling water through the holes.

Put the lid on the poacher and set your timer running.

After exactly 3 minutes put the bread under the grill to toast.

When the first side is toasted (takes 3 minutes), turn over and toast the second side (takes just less than 2 minutes because the grill and the bread are heating up).

Take the toast out and butter the toast ready for the eggs.

The eggs are ready at 8 minutes.

Perfect Poached eggs are delivered whole to the toast, the whites are cooked white, and the yolk is hot and runny.

To serve

Eat with a light sprinkling of salt and FAIRTRADE ground black pepper.