Mushroom Sauce


This is an English sauce recipe.

This sauce goes very nicely with braised chicken, or a light rice dish that needs juice.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: dairy and honey; plants and fungi.


250 g
best mushrooms
15 g
to taste
FAIRTRADE freshly ground black pepper
250 ml
semi-skimmed milk
25 g
15 ml
Zaytoun FAIRTRADE Palestinian olive oil



Prepare the mushrooms, trimming off any unwanted bits.


Melt the margarine and oil together in a saucepan, and saute the mushrooms until soft. Remove from the pan and keep warm.

Dissolve the cornflour in about 150ml of the milk, and then warm up the remainder of the milk. Before it boils add half of the hot milk to the cornflour solution, stir, and then add the cornflour solution back to the hot milk.

Warm a little more and then add the mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste, and possibly a little fresh basil or mint.

To serve

Serve as a communal dish.


For people need a spicier sauce, add some ground mustard with the mushrooms.

Add some Fairtrade wine to give more aroma.