"Joy of the Mountains" (oregano salad)


Fresh green oregano with tomatoes and a smack of sumac.

Inspired by Mediterranean-cooking.com.

“Joy of the Mountains” is the Greek name for Oregano. This is a Greek dish. Serves four.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: dairy and honey; plants and fungi.


50 g
fresh oregano
small to medium white onion
bunches of spring onions (~45 g)
200 g
cherry tomatoes
fat clove garlic
30 ml
Zaytoun FAIRTRADE olive oil
30 ml
FAIRTRADE lemon juice
10 ml
FAIRTRADE runny honey
to taste
salt and pepper
20 g
ground sumac



Wash and shake dry the oregano and trim out any woody stems.

Skin the white onion and chop fine.

Remove dark green leaf and dry skin and roots from the spring onions and chop very fine.

Slice the cherry tomatoes into quarters.

Skin the garlic.

Make the dressing.

Combine the oil, lemon juice, honey in a dressing shaker. Crush the garlic into the mix and add salt and pepper to your taste. Shake well.


Put the oregano, onions and tomatoes in a medium sized mixing bowl and turn to mix.

Turn out onto a serving dish, and sprinkle over the sumac.


Serve at room temperature with a flatbread and with the dressing in a separate little jug.


Adjust the amount of onion according to how strong they are and how much onion sharpness you like. Don’t let the onions dominate the salad.

The tomatoes add juiciness and colour but could be replaced by a red bell pepper if tomatoes are not available. In this case omit the honey from the dressing.

If the dressing is served separately, leftovers will keep for 24 hours in the fridge.