Country of origin: Syria The definitive chick pea dip or spread, you really do need a food mixer for this. If you double the chick peas, double everything else as well.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: plants and fungi.


120 g
dried, organic chick peas
25 ml
juices from the cooking of the chick peas
cloves garlic crushed or grated
15 ml
5 ml
Fair trade hot curry powder or Fair trade piri piri
5 ml
Fair trade paprika
25 ml
FAIRTRADE lemon juice
10 ml
Fair trade dried herbs to your taste or 15 ml fresh herbs
30 ml
Zaytoun FAIRTRADE olive oil
salt and FAIRTRADE ground black pepper


Soak the chickpeas overnight in plenty of cold water.

Drain and cover in cold water and bring to the boil. Skim off any scum that rises.

Then cook at a simmer for about 90 minutes until tender

Allow the chick peas to cool through and reserve a few.

Whizz-blend the rest of the chick peas in a food mixer adding the crushed garlic, oil, Tahini(sesame paste), spices and lemon juice.

Add further liquid from the cooking liquid to ensure that the mixture is sufficiently moist.

Season with salt and pepper.

Liquidise a little more, and test for flavour / balance etc. Add more lemon juice, oil, cooking liquid as necessary.

To serve

Turn out into a dish and garnish with a sprig of fresh parsley, a pinch of paprika and the remaining chick peas.

Warm pitta bread and hummus, mmmmm. Bliss.

Meze: Serve with FAIRTRADE Chardonnay, unless your hand slipped with the chilli powder, in which case you need retsina.


Use a little lime juice as well as lemon juice.

Increase the amount of hot spice.

Increase the amount of garlic.