Fennel seed potatoes


Fennel adds an extra flavour to our old favourite.

Inspired by Michael Barry and Madhur Jaffrey in “Exotic Food, The Crafty Way”.

Potatoes cooked with just the right level of added spiciness.

Ingredients for a side dish of 4 to 6 portions.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: plants and fungi.


800 g
60 ml
sunflower oil
1 tsp
fennel seeds
1 tsp
FAIRTRADE cayenne pepper
to taste
salt and pepper



Peel the potatoes and slice into 2 cm chunks with a triangular cross-section.


Cook them in boiling / simmering salted water until just tender to a testing knife.

Drain, discard the cooking liquid.

Heat the oil to quite hot and add the fennel seeds. Fry the potatoes on one side until brown and then turn over and fry the other side similarly.

Sprinkle on the spices and seasoning and cook for another minute.


Drain the potatoes and pat dry with kitchen roll.

To serve

Serve as a side dish to a highly flavoured main course, e.g. curried beef, or lamb.


Various spice mixes can be used, for example panch phoren would work but has not yet been tested for the Fairtrade Cookbook.