Creole Banana Salad


A party salad with a zing, and plenty of Fair Trade ingredients. This salad has appeared at several Children's Theatre parties over the last 25 years. 15 portions. Leftovers keep for a day in the refridgerator.

The American origins of this are unconfirmed, but the bright flavours really give it away.


225 g
long grain brown basmati FAIRTRADE rice
4 large
FAIRTRADE lime (if available)
medium FAIRTRADE apple
125 g
FAIRTRADE green grapes
75 g
chopped FAIRTRADE fresh Pineapple
30 ml
chopped FAIRTRADE Cashew Nuts
15 ml
FAIRTRADE sultanas
large lettuce leaves
15 ml
dessicated coconut
120 ml
1 pinch
Fair trade piri piri (or other hot spice)
2.5 ml
Engish Mustard


Juice the lemon, discard the skin.

Juice the lime, discard the skin.

Core and chop the apple.

Cook the rice in boiling water until tender. (15 mins white rice 25 - 35 mins brown rice)

Drain well and allow to cool.

Put the rice in a mixing bowl and stir in the bananas, half of the lemon juice, the lime juice, the chopped apple, grapes, pineapple, cashews and sultanas.

Make the dressing as follows:

Mix together the mayonaise, the remaining lemon juice, piri piri powder and mustard in a measuring jug or small bowl.

Pour over the banana and rice mixture, and gently fold the mixture until everything is coated with the dressing.

Put the lettuce leaves around a serving bowl and spoon in the salad mixture.

Sprinkle on the coconut.

To serve

Chill for 30 mins in the fridge and serve.