Coq au vin


That's French for chicken in wine.

This is possible for one person, but better for 2 or more.


chicken portion (quarter or whatever) per person
30 ml
plain flour
50 g
salt and fresh FAIRTRADE black pepper
small onion peeled and chopped
50 g
lean bacon chopped up
60 g per person (= 3 button)
onions peeled
carrot per person
60 ml
750 ml
FAIRTRADE red wine
10 ml
FAIRTRADE runny honey
clove garlic skinned and crushed
Fair Trade Bouquet Garni sachet
250 g
button mushrooms, cleaned and chopped


Coat the chicken pieces with flour seasoned well with salt and Fair Trade pepper.

Melt 50gm butter in a le creuset pan and fry the chicken gently until golden brown on all sides.

Add the bacon, onion and carrot and fry until soft.

Add the brandy to the chicken and ignite and shake so that the chicken is covered in flames.

Pour in enough FAIRTRADE red wine to cover the chicken. The rest could be disposed of nicely hence the 750 ml in the ingredients list.

Add the honey, garlic, bouquet garni and bring to the boil.

Add the button mushrooms and button onions.

Cover and simmer for 90 minutes.

To serve

Serve with boiled or roast potatoes and green vegetables or carrots.


None needed.