Chicken and sun-dried tomatoes


Powerful flavours of fennel and tomato add interest to the pasta in this English chicken dish.

Recipe inspired by many internet recipes, melded with Fairtrade ingredients. The quantities below make four serving portions.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: meat and poultry; dairy and honey; plants and fungi.


50 g
sun-dried tomatoes
100 ml
FAIRTRADE white wine
120 g
FAIRTRADE penne pasta
30 ml
Zaytoun FAIRTRADE olive oil
medium onion
medium carrot
2 cloves
15 g
plain flour
big pinch
dried basil or mixed herbs
big pinch
big pinch
FAIRTRADE ground black pepper
400 g
diced boneless chicken legs
10 g
fennel seeds
to serve
Parmesan cheese


Preparation and cooking

Cut the sun-dried tomatoes into quarters and put them in a ramekin. Add the wine and leave them to soften.

Cook the pasta in boiling water until toothsome, drain, and keep warm in a mixing bowl with a swirl of Fairtrade Olive Oil to prevent sticking.

Skin and chop the onion.

Peel and julienne the carrot.

Skin the garlic.

Gently fry the onions and carrots in frying oil (use a wok) until the onions are going translucent.

Mix the flour herbs salt and pepper and coat the cubed chicken with this mixture.

Crush the garlic and add to the pan and fry (gently) until the garlic releases its aroma.

Add the cubed chicken

Add the fennel seeds

Continue to fry until the chicken is lightly browned and cooked through.

Add the sundried tomatoes with their wine marinade.

Gently heat through until near to simmering.

Check the taste and add salt and pepper if necessary.

Add a little more wine if you think the dish is too dry.

Add the chicken and vegetables to the warm pasta and turn to mix.


Grate in a little Parmesan and turn to coat and mix. Turn the chicken and pasta out into a serving dish. Decorate with a sprig of fresh herbs.


Serve hot with a green vegetable or with a side salad, and with extra Parmesan for grating.