Butter Rosti


German potato pancakes fried in butter.

First experienced in the KartoffelKuche in Bad Homburg, a rosti is a simple pancake made of shredded potato and fried in butter.

Excellent, filling, warming food.


500 g
30 ml
15 ml
sunflower oil



Peel the potatoes, and shred them using the coarse side of a grater. Season with salt and pepper to taste.


Pat the shreddings dry whilst you melt half the butter with half of the oil in a medium sized (non-stick) frying pan.

Add potatoes patting them down to form a thinnish, flat cake.

Fry until golden brown, and then slide out onto a plate.

Melt the remaining butter and oil.

Turn the half cooked rosti upside down onto another plate, (or if brave, flip in the air).

Cook the second side for 12 minutes.


1) Add a little nutmeg to the grated potatoes.

2) Add 5 ml of dried parsley or 10 ml fresh chopped parsey.

3) Use only half measures and make 2 rostis.

To serve

Slide onto a serving plate and cut into wedges.

Use in Rosti Main Course