Banana Split


This simple recipe makes the most of FAIRTRADE bananas.

This is cited as an English dessert dish but can be found in various incarnations in Germany, Italy, and other places.

Serves 1.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: dairy and honey; plants and fungi.


large ripe FAIRTRADE banana
4 scoops
FAIRTRADE ice cream
50 ml
double cream


Chill the serving dish in the freezer for an hour before starting.

Peel the banana and slice once, lengthways.

Arrange the banana slices lengthways separated by the scoops of ice cream.

Cover the ice cream with stiffened double cream (or cheat and use a cream gun.


Appropriate decorations would turn this into a banana boat.

Two would be a romantic gondola.

Six would be an armada.