Baked Fish


This Greek dish is really easy and almost cooks itself.

Choose a quantity of fish according to the number for dinner.


1 piece
Cod or Haddock
120 ml
Palestinian FAIRTRADE Olive Oil
60 ml
FAIRTRADE white wine
400 gm
tinned tomatoes
2 or 3
cloves garlic skinned and chopped fine
to taste
salt and FAIRTRADE ground black pepper


Wash the fish and put it in a greased oven-proof pan

Mix the oil, wine and tomatoes and the garlic, pour it over the fish.

Season with salt and Fair Trade pepper to taste.

Put it in the oven at gas mark 5 (190 °C; 375 °F)

Cook for about 40 minutes

Serve with vegetables.

Eat and enjoy.

To serve

Serve hot.


For a more exotic baked fish recipe, please see Baked Fish with Olives and Capers.