Almond mushroom pate


Aromatic, tangy, spreadable mushrooms with a little crunchiness.

A Fairtrade rework of a recipe from Riverford organic farms.

This recipe contains the following types of ingredient: dairy and honey; plants and fungi.


medium onion
clove garlic
15 ml
Zaytoun FAIRTRADE olive oil
200 g
20 g
chopped fresh herbs (oregano, thyme, mint)
75 g
flaked almonds
3 g
30 ml
Greek-style plain yoghurt
30 g
fresh parsley


Skin the onion and garlic and chop for frying.

In a small frying pan, warm the oil over low to medium heat and add the onions and fry on a gentle heat for 7-8 minutes until soft.

Wash and chop the mushrooms.

Pick, wash and chop the herbs, keeping the parsley separate.

Add the garlic, mushrooms and herbs to the pan and cook for a few minutes more, until the mushrooms are softened and the liquid has evaporated. Leave to cool.

Gently dry fry the almonds until they start to brown, and then blitz them in a food processor. 

Add the mushroom mixture and blitz again until almost smooth.

Gradually add the yoghurt and blitz until the mixture is of a spreadable but not too runny consistency. Stir in the parsley to finish and season with salt and pepper to taste.  

To serve:

Serve in ramekins with toast or pitta pockets and a side salad as lunch, as a mini “castle” as part of a meze spread, or in a jacket potato as a snack, or with a green salad as a light meal or supper.


If no fresh herbs are available substitute two heaped teaspoons of dried mixed herbs.

To make a dip, add extra yogurt until the desired consistency is reached.

For more Fairtrade replace the almonds with chopped Fairtrade brazil nuts.