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Hull-based fair trade retailers

A list of retailers can be found in the Fairtrade City website at:

Fair trade shops

Most Fair Trade Shops (but not all) stock Fair Trade food from a variety of sources. To find your nearest shop visit the British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) website:

You should choose to buy from a Fair Trade retailer rather than a general grocer because the Fair Trade retailer complies with the guidelines of the World Fair Trade Organisation. This supports all of the benefits of the Fairtrade label, plus support for small and marginalised artisans and farmers, campaigning work locally and nationally, education work with schools, churches, and the general public, fund raising for special projects, and so on. Use it, or lose it, support your local Fair Trade Shop

Mail order and online

Traidcraft plc.
NE11 0NE
0191 591 0591
Tropical Wholefoods
Unit 5d.
Southwick Industrial Estate
0191 548 0050

On the high street

The Co-op large stores have a good range of Fairtrade labelled products. The Co-op convenience stores have the widest range of Fairtrade labelled products (40 to 70) when compared with Sainsbury's Local (around 10) or Tesco Direct where there is little or no Fairtrade labelled produce.

All the major supermarkets now stock some Fairtrade products, including both own-brand produce and that from third-party suppliers. For some products, for example fresh fruit, large supermarkets are your best bet.